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Questions about your hourly job application? We have answers.

At Amazon, we're always asking questions. Where can we go next? What's over the horizon? Who's buying lunch? Here's answers to some of the questions you might have about what to expect during the Customer Service Associate hiring process.

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The Hiring Process

What can I expect at the hiring event?
For Virtual/Work-From-Home Associates:
Qualified candidates will be invited via email to attend a Virtual Amazon Hiring Event after receiving a contingent offer letter for employment.

For Associates in physical Amazon locations:
Qualified candidates will be invited via email to attend an in-person Amazon Hiring Event after receiving a contingent offer letter for employment. You will have the opportunity to choose a production schedule, take a badge photo, and tour the site.

Rather than moving forward with a formal interview process after your application, we use these Hiring Events to ensure you would like to move forward in the hiring process. At these events, you can expect to learn about Amazon’s unique culture as well as why Amazon is a great place to work! In addition, these events provide a stronger understanding of the Customer Service position by reviewing key aspects of the role. Lastly, candidates will walk away from these events with a clear understanding of next steps as well as resources to ask questions along the way.

How long does the hiring process take?
If you are extended an offer of employment, the hiring process can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks until Day 1. The length varies due to the multiple steps in the hiring process that need to be completed. This includes the Background Check, I-9 Verification, Badge Photo upload, and other onboarding steps.  However, we will be sure to communicate with you along the way.

What should I wear to the interview?
If moved forward in the hiring process for a non-virtual position, you will be attending a Hiring Event at one of our physical locations. We encourage our associates to wear casual, comfortable and respectable clothing.

Do I need a resume?
A resume is not required.

Shifts & Overtime Requirements

What shifts are you hiring for?
We hire for different full-time shifts based on business need. When you fill out the application you will be asked which days of the week you are available to work, and if you are available days, nights, or both. If you are moved forward in the hiring process, you will be able to select a shift from a variety of options during the onboarding process.

How much overtime would I be expected to work?
Depending on business need, voluntary or mandatory overtime may be called. While our standard full-time shifts 40 hours per week, all full-time associates will occasionally be required to work overtime, which typically includes one additional day outside of the normal 40-hour work week. During our holiday peak season, starting in November and running through mid-January, you can expect to work overtime, which typically means adding an additional day to the work week, and sometimes extending to 12-hour shifts.

How does overtime pay work?
Associates are paid time and a half for all hours worked above 40 regular hours in a work week.


What is the pay rate?
The base wage for the position is located in the job description of the position in which you are applying. Amazon's compensation package may include additional forms of compensation such as variable pay, restricted stock grants, and shift differentials, depending on the position.

Is there a shift pay differential?
You may be eligible to receive a shift differential should it apply to the hours in which you work. More details about pay rates will be discussed, should you be moved forward in the hiring process.

Is pay weekly or biweekly?
Amazon Customer Service Associates are paid every two weeks.

Is training paid?
Yes, the mandatory training for all Customer Service Associates is paid at the regular compensation rate.


Will I receive benefits?
Amazon offers a comprehensive benefits package for all Associates. More information regarding benefits will be discussed in greater detail further along in the hiring process.

General Employment Questions

Are there opportunities to grow with Amazon?
At Amazon we strive to provide an environment for attracting, retaining, motivating, and developing outstanding associates, and for developing strong teams. If you are hired with Amazon, talk with your manager about development activities that will allow you to do so. We also offer the Career Choice Program to full-time hourly associates to make it easier to pursue their aspirations.

What equipment is provided to me? 
For Virtual/Work-From-Home Associates:
Amazon will ship you a headset and a token. The employee will be responsible for providing the computer & all requirements listed in the job description. Please note, upon separation of employment employees will be responsible for any and all Amazon equipment not returned.

For Associates in physical Amazon locations:
Amazon will provide you with any and all computer equipment required for this position.

Can I apply if my home state is not listed in the job description?
Unfortunately, no. In order to be considered for the Virtual/Work-From-Home Customer Service Associate position, you must live in one of the following states: Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Virginia.